I'm David King. Thanks for stopping by. 

As an experienced entrepreneur, executive leader, and builder and motivator of highly performing teams; with a special talent for making sense out of chaos, I connect the dots to build and improve businesses. 

I help companies remove disfunction, increase revenue, and increase income while engaging employees, partners, and customers.

With a deep background of serving the needs of independent contractors,  transportation companies, commercial insurance business development, and network development, I have the combination of experience, curiosity,  intelligence, and emotional intelligence to help organizations meet their objectives. 

I also have a long track record of business ownership that I leverage while managing various stakeholder interests.


What do vintage motorcycles have to do with my work? Riding vintage machines require a tremendous amount of resourcefulness due to a lack of reliable information being available. Opportunities exist for relentless improvement in regard to operation and reliability. One must be inquisitive and resourceful to keep old machines on the road. Equal parts mechanic, electrician, machinist, historian, researcher, as well a patient and competent rider.

Why Me?

Developing programs to meet the needs of multiple stakeholders requires a deep understanding of the arena. I understand the operational, environmental, regulatory, and economic challenges facing Independent Contractors and Motor Carriers in the Transportation Industry. 

With over 19 years of experience developing and marketing group purchasing programs, benefit programs, insurance coverage, and advising product development teams; I leverage this depth of knowledge developing practical solutions to the challenges facing trucking entrepreneurs and motor carriers.

I have been featured as a presenter at numerous industry meetings and in transportation publications as a subject matter expert on the issues facing Independent Contractors and Motor Carriers.